Deploy the talent you need.




People 2.0’s core offering is tailored to the talent procurement sector—the universe of market makers in talent.

We take a unique approach in a vast workforce market. We exclusively serve market makers in talent—those companies that connect people to jobs, and jobs to people.

We will neither directly serve end users nor recruit talent.

As a result, we eliminate channel friction and conflicts of interest.

Staffing Agencies

Small staffing: outsource back-office processes, replace fixed with variable costs, and gain access to a large, global platform. Large staffing: outsource payrolling functions and restore margins.

Search and Recruitment

Expand your service offerings. Gain the infrastructure and support to build a contract staffing business with recurring revenue. Take advantage of labor market trends and provide new value proposition to clients.

Mass Talent Procurement

MSP, VMS, RPO, and freelance management platforms can partner with us to supplement their solutions and provide clients with total talent management on a global scale.

Consulting, Contracting and Compliance Firms

People 2.0 provides support via our global EOR/AOR platform to quickly deploy talent for your client engagements.


Employer of Record

We act as the third-party employer for the talent you source. We manage the administrative processes such as onboarding, payroll, benefits and workers’ comp. As the employer of record, we assume legal responsibility for your worker and ensure regulatory compliance with all relevant jurisdictions.

Clients can rely on us to stay abreast of complex labor laws around the world.

Agent of Record

We act as the agent for independent contractors that you source for your clients. We review the worker's classification and manage the invoicing and payments through the lifecycle of the assignment.

Not sure if the worker is an employee or an independent contractor?
People 2.0 has a proprietary evaluation process to ensure the worker is classified correctly. We maintain a file of all documentation to ensure your protection.

When Powered by People 2.0, any market maker can deploy a worker:

  • Any work arrangement: EOR or AOR
  • Compliantly: using one global master agreement
  • Anywhere: 40 countries (and growing)
  • Any length of time: long and short-term assignments
  • On-demand: onboard in as little as 48 hours

Market Makers + People 2.0 = Total Talent Solution